Who is Trapmom?

I am a 22 year old single mom with a 1 year old daughter. I currently live on my own with my daughter. I am Guatemalan American was born in Guatemala but have lived here in California for most of my life. My baby girl is Mexican, Syrian & Guatemalan she’s got quite the mixture. We both love to eat, dance & have fun laughing at each other. This blog is dedicated to all the things I have overcome in my 22 years of life. I hope to reach out to people who may have gone through similar traumatic experiences as well as reach out to the many woman raising a child on their own. Last year was one of the toughest years for me. I lost my mother two weeks after having my daughter, we literally lost everything and slowly have been rebuilding back our lives. My daughter brought me back to life and I can truly state that having her was my miracle. Despite not having much in our lives we have just enough of what we need. We are surrounded by never ending love, longtime and new friendships as well as God. I have been having the time of my life watching my little ma grow. I like to compare our future selves to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ if you know them then I think you can kind of understand how our relationship is. I am very passionate about many things and will soon be launching myself in the world of business. Feel free to come along for the ride, I will be updating my blog with pictures of my little family. I hope to inspire women out there who think little of themselves because of the things they have gone through. This is my testimony of what God is capable of doing. Each day I thank him for what he has given me and what he has taken away from me. If religion isn’t your thing you can skip this part of my bio, but know that I have devoted myself to building a stronger relationship with God who has helped me overcome many obstacles in life.

Why do I go by the name Trapmom? Cause I’m a bad ass B**** hustling everyday to make ends meet. I have goals and aspirations and no mater what life has or will throw at me, I know I will overcome it. Looking beat tf up! If you know me you know I’m all about looking and feeling good. But also you know that I take care of my loved ones.

Just a recap but if you are into lifestyle, fashion, kids, animals, inner growth & inspiration, feel free to follow my blog. It’ll talk a little bit about everything I am interested in and hopefully capture a wide audience not just the mommies out there, (no offense!) I do plan on also having posts dedicated for “Mommy Must Haves” and hopefully provide some useful tips to all the women out there.

Thank you for those of you that are interested as well as supporting a creative young woman! I hope to connect and create a relationship with you all.