Motherhood: The State of being a mother.

What is a mother? It’s hard to answer this in one sitting. To me my mother was my best friend, she was the sole provider in the household. A woman I was able to go to whenever I had questions about life. My mother was my soulmate a business partner all in one. How does one woman presume all roles so effortlessly? As a mother you take on this role that has other roles within itself. You are multiple people all in one. My mother was my hero and I hope to be half the woman and mother she was.

Some mothers bare their children for 9 months and others go to the ends of the world to find their child. There are so many ways this day and age where a woman who has infertility issues can seek help to become a mother. They come in all colors and sizes, and were all lucky to have one.

As soon as my daughter was born this instinct took a hold and hasn’t let go thus far. It’s incredible unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I thought I knew what love was but never this type of love. So unconditional and fulfilling. There is no beginning or end to this love. I find myself starring at my daughter in awe because of how perfect she is. I created that, this human who I had in my womb. She’s mine and I am hers.

Let me know ladies, what part of motherhood you love and what you find challenging. I hope we can share tips and tricks that work well for us mothers. It’s an open discussion.

There are plenty of times where I think about how my mom did it all with me. I was stuck to her hip, running errands with her back and forth. And now it’s the same with my daughter. She comes with me everywhere I go, errands to be done, places to see but we always have so much fun together. I wish my mom could be with us. But god only knows why.

Sometimes you don’t even need to be someone’s mother to experience that raw motherly instinct that is already within us as women. It’s pretty incredible. To those of you that play a mother figure to others, who are they to you? What motherly trait do they bring out of you? I know that with my dogs I cared for them a little more than what society thought a dog should be cared for. I made sure my dogs knew that they were beyond loved and I think that’s where my motherly trait was first exposed too. Caring for a living being.

It’s also interesting to hear about mothers who’s love for their child did not come until their baby was born or even months after that. This is more than natural but I’d love to hear about your experience! To the new mommies out there don’t fear of the things you think you don’t know or won’t know. I know I walked into this with no type of idea on how I should juggle a baby. I read no books and didn’t seek much advice from anyone. It’s really all a trial and error, and I think it’s more fun that way. There’s no way to just know what your little human will react better too. But you’ll definitely learn as you go. If any new mommy out there has any questions, feel free. I know I am still discovering myself as a mother as I go. It’s all an unplanned chaotic felicity.

If ‘mother’ is the state of being a mother this is the state I would like to be in forever.




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    • Thank you so much! It really does mean a lot that you enjoyed reading that. It’s a piece of my heart expressed as best as I could.


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